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JUST ADDED: COOL RACE MOTOR PICS: old 4 cylinder merc,a 25XS (on loan for display) and a Champion SWEET 16.

Also, pics of a Clarke troller,  A rotary(wankel engine) powered outboard, and a little FishingScott.


We have Parts engines starting at 1906. In many cases, we will need a picture of the motor, or a part to match from to facilitate your purchase.

We have decal sets available for many old motors. Please include you model and serial number when inquiring about decals.


We have over 12,000 engines for parts starting at 1906! Below is a list of common replacement parts for common antique engines. This is IN NO WAY a complete list, Please contact us with any inquiries

Scroll Down to see common parts prices. If it is on this list we stock it, or can get it.

Also at the bottom of the page we will have a list of older motors that are for sale. If you are looking for a certain motor, even for display only, contact us and we will try to get one. These old display motors make a GREAT GIFT for the sportsman or woman. What was their favorite old motor? We can probably get you one for display at the cabin, or the den!


Johnson/Evinrude common parts:


2.5 and 5 hp Johnsons 1939-1951~:


Coils, horseshoe type, used $25.00 


Points, “tower” style $ 55.00 new  $25.00 used


Water pump impeller/ rotor $25.00


Floats  $15.00


Tiller grips  $30.00 new replicas


Recoil  $40.00 complete. Parts available too!


Neutral arm (TN models) $30.00


Head Gasket  $12.00


Prop   $25.00 and up


Decals $26.95 and up NEED MOD NUMBER



50’s/60’s Johnson evinrudes 3 to 40 hp


Coils, under flywheel type, $28.00 new  $15.00 used


Point/condenser sets, starting at $27.95 new


Impellers,  starting at $18.99 and up


Thermostat kits $14.95 and up


Carb kits, starting at $19.99 and up


Floats,  small, to 7.5hp $11.00, 9.5 hp $13.00, large, to 40 hp $15.00


Shift levers most $25.00 used,

 6hp 55.00 used (when available)


Tiller handle kits, 28-40hp $175.00 used


Tiller gears,  $12.00each used


Recoils, used, complete 35.00 to 65.00 exchange


Recoil springs, most top mount with riveted hoops $15.99 new



Electric starters,  $85.00 used motor only. Kits from $225.00 and up


Remote controls  $75.00 and up


Pressurized 2 line fuel tanks (to 1959)  $125.00 used w/line


Pressurized Fuel tank connectors  $65.95 rebuilt 


Fuel Tank (used metal) 40.00


Fuel tank (NEW plastic with quality new hose)69.95 & up


Fuel tank Diaphram and gasket kits $call


Fuel Pumps  $63.99-96.99 New


Fuel pump Diaphram kits  11.00 and up


Lower units  Call for prices by application $75.00 and up


Props from $35.00 used and up


V4 and 3 Cylinders with Electric shift


Carb kits from $25.95


2 piece Starters  used $100.00 drive top is $35.00


1 piece Starters $85-$209.95 depending on model and condition.


Ignition boxes Amplifier type  $150.00 and up


Tune-up kits (points motors) $24.95


Distributor assemblies 12v or Magneto  $100.00 used


Coils from $39.95


Lower units  $325.00 straight electrical  $425.00 Hydro-Elec.


Props from $65.00



Chrysler-West Bend- MW seaking- Elgin


Tune-Up kits  prestolite or wico ignition from $Call


Coils 20.00 and up used and new available


Recoils from 35.00


Props from 35.00


Decal sets   call for availability


Impellers Chrysler style 15.00 and up

Elgin Spline style 55.00(replacement-must drill shaft)

Attwater style Call


Air-cooled made by Clinton, or Techumseh

Sold under many names


Ignition points  $12.95 and up


Ignition Electronic $200.00 and up Rebuilt


Clutch $45.00


Lower units from $45.00


Impellers  AirCooled with water cooled exhaust $35.00

                 WaterCooled Techumseh $16.95



Mercury and Mark series, some Wizard


Points sets  29.95 and up, even hard to find 4 cyl magneto points!


Condensers  4.50 and up


Impellers 14.99 and up call with model numbers


“Dock buster” parts!!  Call with needs!


We have some KG-9 parts, call with your needs!


Hard to find ignition boxes in stock used, rebuilt and new.


4 and 6 cylinder lower units  350.00exchange and up


Gears and shafts, by match


See listing under tilt and trim for 3,4,6 cylinder kits.


Starters 85.00 and up