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We have many stern drives of all makes and years. We also carry the full line of GLM hard parts for rebuilding. You can browse aftermarket hard parts at .

Below we list some of the more popular requests, but contact us with any questions, or requests. Many older and obsolete parts will require a picture and/or the actual part to match from.


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The parts listed below are just a tiny sample. We have most everything! If it is not listed Contact us, there is a good possibility we have, can get it, or can build it.


Hard to find drives currently in stock:


Mercruiser “o” drives 60-80-90 hp Renault engines:


Head gaskets and sets 100.00 and up

Couplers 85.00 to 125.00

Drive unit Uppers 400.00 exchange used

Drive unit Lower 400.00 exchange used

Complete Drives 750.00 exchange used

Water pump impeller 35.00

Hydraulic shift components  125.00 master used OUT OF SLAVE CYLS


Mercruiser I  a-b-c  and a-b-c ez-shift

Uppers from 300.00 used

Lowers from 750.00 rebuilt subject to availability

U-joint assy. (small yokes) N.O.S. 285.00

Tilt only Rams 65.00/85.00

DelcoTron 9 Voltage regulators 85.00 new


Mercruiser II



I  have some gimbal parts, and Misc for these.


Mercruiser II-TR and II TRS,  215E, 215 H


I have limited complete drives for these, however I have quite a few hard parts, used. Contact me with your needs.



Sorry, I have no TRS transmissions right now.


Mercruiser III


Call with needs (NO CASES)


Mercruiser 120-260 “R”  Alpha I  Alpha I gen 2


We have most any part available for these drives, and many engine parts as well.

Contact me with your needs



OMC Stern Drive, 400/800, Cobra, King Cobra, JV/SX


I get a lot of requests for these parts, and have many available, however, there is great misunderstanding identifying these drives, and this leads to some wasted time shipping wrong parts. Before ordering, please confirm your drive.


The original OMC stern drive was an odd unit produced by Johnson in the 30’s called the Johnson Tilting SternDrive. To my knowledge, it was only used on a couple of boats made by GarWood, and then forgotten. (Old boat purests will correct me on the boat manufacturer if it wasn’t GarWood)   In 1964 OMC began to offer the stringer drives. (So-called because the forward thrust of the engine was transferred through the stringers of the boat, and not the transom) This original design had an electric shifting lower unit. The electric shift unit is easily distingushed from the later mechanical styles because the propeller uses a shear pin, and the exhaust exits above the prop and not through it. The electric shift Stringers were available in two lengths, short profile, and long profile. In order to get the proper upper unit parts, we need to know if your unit is long or short. You can measure from the top of the drive to the cavitation plate (the horizontal plane just above the prop) A long will measure 22” and a short will measure 18”.  The electric shift lower continued to 1977. It is a pretty tough unit, and due to  availability, and lower cost, many shops are using these as a replacement for failed mechanical shift units when the cost of repairing or replacing the mechanical unit exceeds the value of the boat. If you would like to explore this option, contact me and we will put together the parts you will need.

Beginning in 1978 OMC renamed the drives with the designator 400 series or 800 series. Contrary to information you might find elsewhere, there is no “600” series. All 4 cylinder engines have a 400 drive, and all 6 cylinder and 8 cylinder engines use an 800 drive. The upper unit drive ratio was changed to accommodate different size engines. The first versions of the 400/800’s used a hydraulic assisted shift mechanism similar to the v4 and v6 outboards these geacases were based on. I would love to know why these were built with so many overly complicated systems, but suffice to say, by 1979 all of the outboards had abandoned this hydraulicly shifted system, and the sterndrives followed closely behind, reverting to an all mechanical shifter by 1982. While I do have some of the internal parts for these “hydro-shift” units, we no longer support them in rebuilt units-- we just upgrade to mechanical shifting, with a complete unit. Minor modifcation of the shift housing is required, and modification to the helm shifter. If you are repairing a lower unit and need parts, I will need to know if you have a “hydro” or not. The easist way to tell is to look at the shift rack under the shift cable housing. A “hydro” will have the rack attached to a round cylinder, the assist servo. The mechanical rack is simply pinned to a threaded steel rod. While not considered a 400/800 after 1982, this is still a good way to denote the drive size, just be sure to note “hydro” or mechanical. 1986 brings us to a wholesale change in OMC sterndrives; enter the Cobra. Because of complaints, loss of sales, or just the change of patent status(WHO KNOWS?) OMC redeveloped their stern drive, and it emulated the highly popular Mercruiser unit in many ways. They both were transom mounted (using the same engine yoke and socket, ujoints and gimbal bearing!) Used the same size cut-out, allowing boat builders greater flexability choosing drives, and both used hydraulic cylinders to tilt and trim the drive (The former OMCs using an odd combination of a mechanical gear quadrant to lift the drive, and on models so equipped, provisions to lift the entire engine assembly to trim the drive). The Cobras were a welcome upgrade, and quite a good drive, with one very glaring problem. The lower unit for the Cobra is very closely based on outboard lower units, using the same casting (with the addition of some required hardware, and stainless steel thread inserts) This retained  the upper vent screw on the lower case. Traditionally, this screw was used as the oil level indicator on outboards, but Cobra units shared oil between the upper and lower, and a dipstick was used to indicate the oil level in the drive (lower AND upper). Well, many a well meaning owner, set on maintaining their drive, drained the drive, and filled it up just like every outboard he had ever owned, to the vent/level plug! This, of course, left the upper gear unit “high and dry”, and bearing failure was soon to follow, as was an expensive repair bill, and a bitter taste for OMC, even though it was a very good drive, otherwise. These Cobras (’86 to ’93) are still quite popular and we carry a full line of drive parts, and many engine parts. By ’94 OMC and Volvo went in to a joint venture (The “JV” in drive designators) and produced a very good drive using the excellent cone clutch shifting and durability of the Volvo drives combined with the good engines, and excellent trim and gimbal system of the OMC’s. Volvo still sells this drive as the popular SX stern drive. The Cobra name was dropped in the late 90’s, and OMC was out of business by 2001. Also of note, but getting very rare, was the KingCobra drives normally mated to big-block, or high performance small block engines. These are separated in to two types, the early “clutch-dog style” using a reworked v8 outboard based lower unit, and the “cone-clutch” style that used a Volvo style cone clutch. The two types are easily distingushed as the cover on the older “clutch dog” units is flat, and the later “cone-clutch” units have a distinct bubble to the top cover.

        So this history should better help you determine which drive you have, and we are happy to help. We have many parts in stock for these motors. In some cases, due to interchangability, and updating through the years, we may need you old part, or ask for an e-mailed picture to confirm fitment.


OMC stringer Electric Shift


Uppers 800-1200.00 used

Lower units 500 to 700.00 used

Transom seal 129.00 new

Tilt motors 189.00 new

Water pump shaft 119.00 short  149.95 long

Bearing carrier shaft 149.95 short 199.95 long

Water pump kit 79.95 complete

1973 and up Ball gear set 249.95 with seals

Lower unit wiring harness 99.95



OMC 400/800 and newer


Upper unit   800.00 and up

Lower unit   400 series  1500.00 reconditioned used

                 800 series  1200.00 used- 1600.00 remanufactured

 These do not include the shifter housing or cable. You must reuse you old unit. The cable set is almost 500.00 new, and a used shifter hsg is 100.00  Used cables are subject to availability, and run from 100 to 300.00 depeding on condition.

Ball Gear set  279.95 complete

Water pump kit Complete 89.95

Bearing carrier shaft and water pump shaft set 249.95 (also available seperately)

Transom seal  from 109.95

Tilt motor 189.95 new

Tilt shaft  29.95 with pins

Steering cable TRU-COURSE 2 cable used  300.00 with drums (subject to availability)


Cobra (86-93 clutch dog style)


Upper unit 1695.00 new gears and housing. 21:19/ 21:16/ 21:18/21:17 ratios. Call for Used


Lower unit small case 4 cylinder 950.00 reconditioned

Lower unit big case 4 cylinder   1295.00 reconditioned

Lower unit V6 and V8 (Not KingCobra) 1295.00 reconditioned


Upper bearing sets 99.95

Upper gear sets from 599.95 new


Water pump kits with housing 49.95




I have a set of 460 manifolds used

I also have a few misc parts for these.




Contact me with you needs.





Too many variables to list here, I have some volvo stuff, and can help you figure out what you have. I have some engines as well, and If you are looking for Volvo/ Archmiedes Penta outboards, we have quite a selection of parts for these as well.



Dana, Chrysler, Muncie Gear Works, Eaton, Early Pin Drive Volvo, Powernaut, SternPowr, West Bend shark-o-matic


I have some parts for all of the above. In most cases I will need an old part to match from, or at least a picture AND dimensions.


I have many parts for the old Chrysler 80hp Simca drives, including some complete motors, and many many NOS engine parts. Maybe even some new tillotson carbs, and a couple of accelerator pump kits.


I have a complete Dana 80 sterndrive (new style, the little one)


I have a few complete Shearpin Volvo 80/100 drives


I have a couple of West bend Shark-o-Matic drives (only one exhaust bellows 100.00)

I have misc gears and stuff for the above drives.