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            We carry a full line of  tilt and trim products. Below is a sample, we have many more parts available; Contact us with your needs.


We carry the full line of ARCO starters and trim motors, as well as units from the OEMs and other manufacturers. For aftermarket Tilt/Trim units, we carry the Panther brand. We have found them to be both durable, and much more attractive than the competition. We have been selling these for a very long time, and they have proven to be the best. We also carry the CMC brand for an economical alternative.


We also offer a good selection of used motors as well, however, in most cases the price of new aftermarket units is making used a less attractive option. We can help you determine which option will be the best VALUE. Many motors have a bad history, and have been improved in the newer versions. It does not pay to spend time and labor to replace a problem motor with a used version of the same problem motor.


Many customers express great frustration when confronted with the seemingly exorbitant prices of OEM tilt and trim parts. We try to source good quality aftermarket parts to save money, but one must keep in mind these are highly specialized electrical and hydraulic parts, produced in small numbers, with demanding engineering requirements(waterproof, corrosion resistant, high power to weight/size requirement etc.) These are not Chevy windshield wiper motors, made cheap and in millions of units! Most used tilt motors cost 100.00 to 300.00 depending on condition, rarity, availability, and cost of new. Like mentioned before, the amount of work required to change out a tilt motor forces the question; “Is it worth saving a little for a used motor when I may have to do all this work over?”


Used tilt and trim assemblies to upgrade motors without Tilt and Trim



We have a selection of tilt and trims we have taken off of motors for parts. Sometimes used factory systems are the way to go, and sometimes not. Many of the older tilt and trim systems from Prestolite, Calico, Shinko  and other hydraulic suppliers are becoming so hard to find GOOD parts for,  that demand has driven the price for used pieces so high that complete systems are no longer an option. The alterenative is one of the aftermarket systems that go between the boat and the motor, and will fit any make and year of outboard. We have sold, and had very good experience selling the Panther version. Call us for current prices.




1960’s through 1985 with 2 external rams and a boat mounted pump.


Rams 85.00-125.00

Hoses NEW 54.95 each

Motor (used) 125.00

Motor NEW  213.00

Pump and valvebody (used) 125.00 (limited new available as well call for price)

Reverse lock (used) 125.00 (limited new available as well call for price)

Solenoids NEW 27.99

3 button switches  (used) 30.00


84 to early 90’s with 3ram side fill Tilt/Trim


Complete system (used) 425.00 exchange

Cartridge Motor and Pump assy NEW 589.95

Cartridge Motor and Pump assy (used) 350.00 (Motor NOT sold seperately)

Call for individual used parts (rams, pins etc)


90’s and up 3 ram with AFT fill


Complete system, Call for availability

Motor  NEW  199.95  special price until gone!


90’s and up with 1 Ram system


Complete system 425.00 and up

2 wire motor updates all with 2 wire motor 299.95 NEW

3 Wire motor (used only) 200.00 subject to availibility

Harness and relays to convert 3 wire to 2 wire 80.00

Manual release screw 59.95 NEW




76 to 90’s  3 ram conventional system (NON-Fastrack) 3 cylinder-V8 Outboard


Used complete system 425.00 plus wiring as needed


Ram 125.00

2 wire motor 169.95 NEW

3 Wire motor 249.95 NEW


90’s and up Fastrack 3 cylinder-V8


Used system 600.00

New system  1395.00

Motors from 169.95


1989 to current 25D- 40-48-50 2 cylinder


Complete system (used) 600.00

Motor (MUST have complete model number) 179.00-249.00



J/E 1963 and up NOT listed above, Call for options and availibility





1966-1994 3 ram (1 shock, 1 tilt ram, 1 trim ram) Prestolite


Complete system 750.00 used  (Please look at aftermarket unit option)

Ram tilt or trim standard 125.00

Ram small tilt trim 35-50 hp(some models) with offset upper eye 400.00 NEW 250.00used limited stock.

Valve body 249.00 and up Exchange

Motor 3 Wire 269.95  New

Motor 2 wire  200.00 used

Reservoir 35.00 used


Newer Than 1994 see Mercury list above, and/or call for availibility




I/O tilt parts


Mercruiser Old style Prestolite with square reservior


Motor 125.00 used, 213.00 New

Pump 125.00

Distribution block at the bottom of the pump  45.00

Rams from 85.00

Lines/ Hoses (call for best price)

Linear Trim sender 20.00 used

Puck style sender (gimbal mount) 89.95

3 button switch from 


Mercruiser New style


Motor and Pump assembly. 499.95 New 

Oildyne (yellow cap) Motor only  199.95 New

Rams 125.00 and up

Trim senders 79.95 new While supplies last


Omc and Cobra


Stringer-400-800  TILT motor 149.95 NEW  95.00 Used

Stringer-400-800  Trim motor  Mechanical Lift 229.00 NEW  Hydraulic 2 wire prestolite 300.00 USED

Stringer-400-800  Tilt shaft with pins 29.95

Stringer-400-800  HammerBlow coupler call


Cobra  Tilt motor from 139.95

Cobra Rams 125.00

Cobra Hydraulic assy  250.00 and up Used and New subject to availilbility





Tilt assemblies Mechanical   200.00 and up used

Tilt motors 149.95 and up

Also see Cobra, as some rams and hydraulics are interchangeable.






Remember, this is not a complete list, we have many more parts. Contact Us  for more parts, and solutions to obsolete part needs.